Wontstop Records Founded in 1998 by Emmanuel Anebsa

The first release on the label was 1998 ‘Anything you want to” 12 inch single featuring Monique about a year later came

”Why do i feel this way” Ep

4 track piece by Emmanuel Anebsa who was then called Wilks.The year 2000 was the release of the first album ”U Gotta Believe” which was started in the uk and then we went to Jamaica to record the rest of the album we recorded at Mixing Lab Studios and Tuff Gong Studios, and Lego Studios in Orange street Downtown Kingston.The album was released in 2000 we pressed 1000 and sold 1000 and moved to the next Album no2 ”It’s a Shame” Recorded in the same fashion except we removed the Mpc drums and made it a full live Album 2001 It’s the Music the second song on the album was a hit and we will speak about that another time.The album featured Jah Mason on We have fi Pray and Junior Kelly on Life is so confusing.The album is a classic and will always be but there was no bog promotion so we sold 1000 copies of the cd and moved on.

We have more music than money so we just recorded the next 3 albums in a quick time ”Smiling” was a great Reggae Album Featuring Turbulence on ”We wear it well” and Determine on ”I gotta say it Foreal”  ”Fly to Zion” feat Doniki on the Chouros R.I.P the album is a great reggae album with some Hiphop Flavour Joints on it.

2008 Acoustic music we started to record raw acoustic has Emmanuel Anebsa was basic on the Guitar The first acoustic album was ”You can’t save me” mix of bun babylon songs and love songs in the style.2009 we moved to Paris France where we had a studio in Place de clichy This was the start of a 15 album run of Acoustic Albums recorded by Emmanuel Anebsa ”Mr Nobody” ”Gotta be Free” ”Pressure like me” to name a few the albums are deep songs of the system and babylon’s pressure against the black MAN.

Acoustic music on the label is raw acoustic music it will never die and cannot be dated has it is just guitar and vocals Emmanuel Anebsa is the driving force behind all of this music and vibe Shirley /Jamaica he puts it like that

but all of the subjects of songs come from his life and feelings and him knowing the reality has a Brown man in this Europe.This world,It is white against Black it is Black against Black it is chaos ,there is no direction or method to bad mind and 

wickedness the music reflects that weather acoustic or with beat

Emmanuel Anebsa is the main artist on the label but he has produced and released Junior Kelly Jah Know featured on Kings Of Zion on Jetstar Records and Anthony B Make my Money both released on Wontstop Records

Black People Ep was recorded at Tuff Gong Studios in Jamaica with Emmanuel Anebsa ,Earl chinna smith, Chris Meredith, Robbie Lyn,Kirk Bennet the music was great and the recording went well but Emmanuel Anebsa learnt something not to rush in what he is doing in the future recording and vibes and people around the music who is there vibes direction ”One woman Man” is a great song of the Ep nice love song for the ladies

We have started to Promote our music finally has now is the time to do everything yes so we promotes our releases in a fashion that fits the industry the rite way,Nothing happens before the time and the time is now,Yes this is a fight but what, we are ready to fight the fight for the music and words and meaning, this is more than MUSIC

We make Conscious Music For freedom of a people the people the whole of us if you are one of us ,Love ,Charity,Soul,Kindness ,Teaching,Future,

we are these type of people we look forward not back

You cannot Buy us with Silver and Gold

We do not Fear You has we are all going threw this cycle called LIFE